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Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2) with a temperature of -109.3° F (-78.5° C) or below. It offers a lower temperature than ice water, a longer holding time, and requires no clean-up since it changes directly from a solid to a gas (sublimation).

Manufactured Fresh Daily

Our dry ice is made to order and never warehoused because quality matters to us! With production locations in St. Paul and Sauk Rapids, MN Oxygen Service Company provides the highest density dry ice available. Dry ice 3mm rice and 16mm pellets are available for delivery or pick-up. From a 5 lbs retail purchase to thousands of pounds of dry ice a day, Oxygen Service Company is able to meet any customer’s needs.

Dry ice is the common name for the solid form of carbon dioxide. At -109.3° F, it offers a lower temperature than water ice. You get longer holding times and requires no cleanup since it sublimates instead of melting. Sublimate simply means it changes directly from a solid to a gas. Due to these unique properties, it has a wide variety of commercial and individual uses.


Some of the most common uses of dry ice are in the food and beverage industry. Used in dry food production, food storage and distribution, meat processing, airline catering, and eCommerce frozen fulfillment. Dry ice also has far reaching cleaning properties that are simple in application and highly effective.

One of the fastest growing industrial uses is dry ice blasting. It cleans efficiently with virtually no trace upon sublimation. Dry ice is found in medical manufacturing, medical shipments, and treatments as well as laboratories and research facilities. Dry ice can be used as a fumigant for unwanted pests and insects.


Dry ice is both convenient and effective for all your needs.
– Food & Gift Shipping
– Power Outages/Emergency Refrigeration
– Halloween Special Effects & Science Experiments
– Hunting, Camping, Fishing, & Traveling

Why Choose OSC?

You won’t pay for product that is already gone! Did you know dry ice sublimates up to 10% per day depending on the environmental conditions. If you are purchasing locally from anyone other than Oxygen Service Company, you may be getting dry ice that is already several days old. Oxygen Service Company offers the highest quality dry ice in the region by manufacturing it to order.

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