About OSC

Combining Quality Services With Innovative Products

Welcome to Oxygen Service Company, a 100% employee-owned business committed to providing quality dry ice, specialty gases, and welding services and supplies for various industries across the Midwest. We can’t wait to service your business needs. After all, service is our middle name.

About Our Company

Oxygen Service Company, Inc. (OSC) is an industrial distribution company that has been providing solutions for all gas, welding, and automation needs since 1959. With seven locations total (5 in Minnesota, 2 in Wisconsin) we are able to service many businesses across multiple markets. We have a comprehensive line of welding supplies and machines, several robotic platforms, automated cutting and welding equipment, and a variety of industrial, medical, and specialty gases. Not only do we offer rapid delivery, but we have the highest-quality dry ice in the region by making it to order!

As we continue to grow, we’re able to serve businesses throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Eastern Dakotas, and Northern Iowa. As an employee-owned company, OSC has upheld the same small family feel since 1993. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best service for you and your business. Give us a call or stop by a retail store today and chat with one of our customer service representatives!

Our Core Values

The Oxygen Service Company team is dedicated to living by our five core values:

  1. Getting things done
  2. Professional and respectful behaviors
  3. Customer-focused mindsets
  4. Positive attitudes
  5. Doing the right thing

As a 100% employee-owned company, our team is devoted to making sure customers get the best service when doing business with us. We act as your partner, providing the best solution for your business needs.

When we say that OSC is committed to following these five core values, we really mean it! Click below to read what employees have to say about our company culture.


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Why Us?

Oxygen Service Company offers gas services and welding equipment to a wide range of customers across the Midwest. We have a comprehensive list of inventory and rapid delivery service. Our team of industry-leading experts has years of experience to help our customers select the right welding solutions for their industry needs. As a 100% employee-owned company, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied. We partner with well-known manufacturers and vendors that produce the highest-quality welding equipment, cutting machines, and supplies on the market.

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Media Coverage

We’d like to thank a few of the associations we are a part of for covering our award winnings and special events in their media publications. A few of our most recent articles include the ESOP 2019 Company of the Year Award, the GAWDA media article honoring our 60-year anniversary, and the coverage of one of our employee’s children receiving the GAWDA 2020 Scholarship. Most recently, our CEO Ryan Diekow was interviewed by local Fox9 KMSP about the higher dry ice demand due to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our Story

Founded 61 years ago, Oxygen Service Company has grown rapidly over the last few decades. What started as a small business that just offered welding supplies is now a large-scale company that serves a wide range of industries with a full line of welding supplies, automation equipment, and industrial and specialty gases.

  • 1959

    Founding OSC

    Oxygen Service Company, Inc. (OSC) was founded in 1959 by Bill Lund, Bill Huber, C.N. Jensen, and C.R. Jensen.

  • 1965

    Name Change

    Originally known as Wegner Welding Supply Company, we officially became Oxygen Service Company in 1965.

  • 1973

    Then There Were Two

    The business was sold to B. Huber and B. Lund in 1973.

  • 1979

    We Moved

    OSC moved to its current St. Paul location in 1979.

  • 1986

    Welding Robots

    We sold our first welding robot in 1986.

  • 1993

    100% Employee-Owned Business

    In 1993, owners B. Huber and B. Lund sold the company to its 35 employees, creating the 100% employee-owned structure we have today.

  • 1998

    Automation is Key

    Not only did OSC sell its first robot in 1986, but automation became a key part of our business in 1998. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to include custom-built cells.

  • 2000

    We Moved to Sauk Rapids, MN.

    In 2000, OSC bought Earl’s Welding in St. Cloud, MN and moved buildings in 2003 to our current location in Sauk Rapids, MN.

  • 2013

    New Location

    We opened a location in 2013 in Willmar, Minnesota.

  • 2018

    New Location and Automation Center

    In 2018, we opened a location in Duluth, MN and an automation center in Sartell, MN.

  • 2021

    New Location

    In December 2021, OSC opened a new location in Eau Claire, WI.

  • 2022:

    New Location

    This year, we opened a new location in Virginia, MN.

  • 2023:

    New Location

    New location in Appleton, WI is officially open.


From gas charts to retail stores, it’s our job to serve you with everything your operations need. Consider Oxygen Service Company your full-service welding provider.