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 Bulk Oxygen for a Wide Range of Applications

OSC is a leading oxygen gas cylinder supplier that provides inventory management to keep supply systems full. Our innovative delivery system provides an uninterrupted supply, eliminating business disruptions.

Industrial Applications of Oxygen

Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas that plays a critical role in various industrial processes. It’s the most widely occurring element, forming compounds with virtually all other elements. Oxygen is commonly used in combustion and biological activities because its high reactivity increases reaction rates.

Very few industrial gases have as many applications as oxygen. Some of the most common uses that OSC provides oxygen for are:

  • Welding

    Oxygen is used in small amounts to assist in welding processes. It enhances arc stability and reduces molten metal surface tension by increasing the wetting of the solid metal. Welders also use oxygen for spray transfer welding of mild carbon steels, low alloys, and stainless steel.

  • Environmental

    In wastewater treatment plants, oxygen is injected during the aeration process. The injected oxygen encourages the bacteria growth necessary to efficiently remove contaminants from the water.

  • Steel Manufacturing

    Modern steelmaking relies heavily on bulk oxygen supplies to enrich the air and increase combustion temperatures in open hearth and blast furnaces. During manufacturing, carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon oxides, which exit the furnace as gases. Large quantities of oxygen help create other metals, including copper, lead, and zinc.

  • Glass Making

    Oxygen plays an important role in the glass-making industry. It improves furnace efficiency, increases flame temperature, and reduces pollutants. These benefits enhance the quality of the glass and increase overall production.

  • Healthcare

    Oxygen has various medical applications that range from first aid to respiratory treatment. Medical-grade oxygen is supplied through bulk deliveries because healthcare facilities must follow strict purity and handling standards.

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OSC’s Bulk Gas Delivery System

Businesses that rely on bulk gas for daily operations need an uninterrupted supply. With OSC as your oxygen supply company, concerns about excessive vent loss, poor product returns, job-related injuries, and process interruptions disappear.

We have a full fleet of vehicles capable of delivering oxygen right to your doorstep. Need bulk oxygen for storage vessels? Our bulk liquid service transfers your gas directly from our truck to your stationary storage tanks. We even have a chemist on staff who tests your gas for quality assurance. OSC takes the stress out of your bulk gas delivery.

Bulk Oxygen Services and Beyond

Assisting our clients with buying bulk oxygen is just one of our specialties. OSC provides a line of welding supplies, robotic platforms, automated cutting and welding equipment, and a wide selection of industrial and specialty gases. Our inventory management systems allow us to offer dry ice on a made-to-order basis, meaning you get the highest-quality pellets in the Midwest.

Oxygen Service Company: A Leading Oxygen Welding Supply Company

OSC is an industry-leading oxygen supply company that combines quality services with innovative solutions. We build long-term relationships with our clients by following these five core values:

  • Getting things done
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  • Positive attitudes
  • Doing what’s right

As an employee-owned company, we’re devoted to giving our customers the best service and products. Our expert team is equipped with many years of experience to help you select the right solutions for your needs. Contact OSC to learn more about why more companies are choosing us as their oxygen supply company.

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