Dry Ice Used for Food

Delivering Quality, Affordable Dry Ice for Food and Beverage Shipping Throughout the Midwest

If your perishables aren’t staying cold during their journey to the consumer, you need better dry ice for food delivery. Oxygen Service Company can help in the shipping of food with our dry ice process.

Shipping Food With Dry Ice

If you run a food and beverage facility, you know how important dry ice is to operate your business successfully. Oxygen Service Company is committed to providing dry ice as a solution for keeping perishable foods at their optimum quality.

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Can Dry Ice Keep Food Frozen?

Dry ice is the perfect solution for cold shipping goods in the food and beverage industry. With freezing temperatures reaching –109° F, dry ice is extremely cold compared to regular ice from a freezer, so it can keep a variety of frozen foods at their highest quality. Plus, dry ice doesn’t melt. Instead, it evaporates into gas over time, making it an ideal choice for shipping temperature-sensitive products that must be cold for long periods of time.

Dry Ice Food Delivery With OSC

Oxygen Service Company provides dry ice for several food and beverage distributors. We can help you determine how much dry ice you’ll need from the start of your journey to the drop-off. With Oxygen Service Company as your frozen carbon dioxide supplier, you can rest assured that your perishable food items will keep their quality for consumer satisfaction. We can also deliver your order directly to you the same day or the next day via courier, freight provider, or truck.

Distributing Quality Dry Ice Daily

Our food and beverage clients depend on fresh dry ice made daily to keep perishable foods cold.

Choose OSC for Shipping Food With Dry Ice

Did you know that dry ice sublimes by up to 10% per day, depending on the environmental conditions? That’s why, to get the carbon dioxide you’re paying for, it’s crucial to consider made-to-order dry ice from Oxygen Service Company. Our dry ice is never older than a few hours, so you get high-quality dry ice from a leading local supplier for proper food storage and cold shipping. We also weigh our dry ice orders to make sure you receive exactly what you expect.

Dry Ice Used for Food and Beyond

Shipping food with dry ice is just one of our specialties. Oxygen Service Company also has a comprehensive line of welding supplies and machines, repair services, robotic platforms, automated cutting equipment, and a wide range of industrial and specialty gases. You can get dry ice fast with our delivery services, and we make it fresh daily. You get the best dry ice in Minnesota with OSC. As a 100% employee-owned company, we prioritize customer satisfaction. That’s why service is our middle name.

Dry Ice for Medical Uses

OSC offers a variety of dry ice products for medical purposes, including the transportation of temperature-sensitive items. 

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