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If you’re looking for a quality gas supply, Oxygen Service Company can provide you with the highest quality gas on the market. Whether you work in the medical, industrial, or food and beverage industry, we have a wide range of inventory.

Your Local Gas Supply Store

Oxygen Service Company (OSC) offers a wide range of gases for various industries, from metal fabrication and construction to food and beverage services. We’re the Midwest’s gas experts, so you can count on us to supply the right gas for your business. Whether you need your next shipment of bulk gas or a small supply to get you through the next quarter, we can customize our orders to fit your requirements. We also offer nitrogen pipeline services to test your pipeline for leaks and pressure failures. No matter what your needs are, you can count on OSC to provide high-quality gases.

OSC nitrogen pumping unit trucks

Our bulk supply systems give you an uninterrupted supply of gas to meet your business needs and are available in a wide range of sizes, from 450 liters to 13,000 gallons.

close up of gas canisters

We supply a wide range of industries with the best gas solutions, from chemical and energy to construction and manufacturing.

We supply a number of industries with the purest and highest-quality gases, gas blends, and specialty gas mixtures on the market today.

OSC nitrogen pumping unit truck

If you need a pipeline tested or purged, we can provide the highest-quality nitrogen for the job. We’ll pressurize and test your pipeline so you can run your business efficiently.

Choose OSC for Your Quality Gas and Supply

Our on-staff chemist tests your specialty gases to ensure high quality, so you get only the best products from OSC.

Gas and Supply Services and Beyond

As a 100% employee-owned company, OSC takes customer satisfaction seriously. We’re dedicated to providing top-quality products, including welding supplies, robotic platforms, repair services, and automated cutting equipment. We also have an efficient bulk and cylinder gas delivery service that’s highly regarded by new and long-term customers alike. Our team’s core values are:

  • A customer-focused mindset
  • Getting things done
  • A professional, respectful, and positive attitude
  • Doing the right thing

You can expect nothing less than the best with OSC. We like to build lasting relationships with our clients. Call us today so we can start our professional partnership with you.

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