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Pure Gases SDS



Argon, Refrigerated Liquid

Carbon Dioxide Dry Ice

Carbon Dioxide, Liquid

Carbon Monoxide


Helium, Compressed

Hydrogen Chloride


Nitrogen, Compressed

Nitrogen, Refrigerated Liquid

Nitrous Oxide

Oxygen, Compressed

Oxygen, Liquid



Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur Hexafluoride

Gas Mixtures SDS

Argon 65%,
Hydrogen 35%

Argon 75%,
Carbon Dioxide 25% Compressed

Argon 90%,
Carbon Dioxide 10%

Argon 95%,
Hydrogen 5%

Argon 98%,
Carbon Dioxide 2%

Argon 98%,
Oxygen 2%

Argon 98%,
Helium 10-20%,
Carbon Dioxide 1-5%

Carbon Dioxide 1-10%,
Nitrogen 10-60%, Helium

Carbon Monoxide 4%, Carbon Dioxide 8%, Helium 28%, Nitrogen

Helium 90%, Argon 7.5%, Carbon Dioxide 2.5%

Nitrogen 95%, Hydrogen 5%

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