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Providing Quality Automated Positioners for Your Next Project

Tired of watching your employees hold together two heavy metal parts while trying to find the footing to ensure a good weld? Oxygen Service Company changes that by providing automated positioners for your welding needs.

Solution-Driven Welding Positioning Equipment

Through our partnership with a leading automatic positioner manufacturer, ALM Positioners, we provide the best positioning systems on the market. Customers in a wide range of industries trust OSC to provide them with innovative positioners from ALM because we combine ALM’s highly effective positioners with our solution-driven customer approach. As the pioneer of highly intelligent automatic positioner equipment, OSC’s experience and product quality result in successful welding solutions.

Automatic Positioner system in machine lab

Which Positioner Welding Machine Is Best for You?

Through ALM Positioners, OSC offers more than 40 positioner welding machine styles with customizable controls and features.

Ranging from Headstock Only/Single Column and Headstock & Tailstock to 3-Axis Skyhook and 3-Axis Dropcenter, ALM positioners come in many categories. With weight capacities ranging from 1,000 to 125,000 pounds, we can customize your positioner to provide a value-added solution that fits your manufacturing needs.

Automatic Positioners: A Fast Return on Investment

Our automatic positioners deliver higher efficiency, productivity, and safety. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint inefficiencies associated with welding, assembly, inspection, and material handling labor, leading to the development of products that streamline manufacturing and assembly processes.

ALM positioners boost your production throughput by as much as 30 to 40%, and most of our customers see a return on investment in less than 12 months.

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Ensuring Precise Positioning Every Time

We recommend using automated positioner systems along with a robotic welding machine for quality assurance on every project.

Positioner Welding Machines Result in Safer Operations

Hooking large, heavy parts and fixtures to chains, forklifts, and cranes can be dangerous for employees. Straps and chains can slip and break, leading to parts falling or swinging uncontrollably.

Structurally designed with a 3:1 safety factor, our positioner welding machines eliminate hazards by securely elevating and rotating parts to an optimal working position, making welders and operators feel safer on the job. Automatic positioners also eliminate the need for welders and assemblers to use ladders, scaffolding, or other equipment to climb on a part or lie underneath it, increasing the safety of your operations.

Offering Quality Automated Cutting Systems

Are you ready to make your job easier? Leave the cutting to a professional: your new automated machine.

Automatic Positioners Designed for Comfort and Efficiency

OSC provides positioner welding machines that are manufactured with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Employees will no longer need to crawl over the part or kneel and lay on the floor to complete a project, reducing fatigue and increasing safety. When employees can elevate and rotate the part with a positioner, they can work in the welding position that’s most comfortable for them.

When Your Needs Evolve, So Do Our Automatic Positioners

We’ve designed and built our automatic positioners with your evolving business needs in mind. ALM Positioners products are versatile and easy to customize. Instead of purchasing a new automatic positioner, you can upgrade your automation-ready positioner to be programmable, intelligent, or able to integrate with a robot. In many cases, taking a phased approach from automation-ready to programmable, intelligent, and/or integrated with a robot is financially beneficial. Count on OSC to work with your team to deliver a customized automatic positioner for your business needs.

Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce With Our Automatic Positioners

Skilled employees are in short supply these days. But with OSC’s ergonomic improvements for welding positioning equipment, you can attract and retain a high-quality team. Instead of climbing up and down ladders, assembling on the ground, or welding overhead, your staff can work comfortably and feel better at the end of the day with OSC’s welding positioning equipment.

Offering Employee Adaptability for Welding Positioning Equipment

OSC communicates with your team to develop and manufacture a positioner that meets your specific needs and ergonomic requirements, resulting in decreased employee injury and adaptable work cells that can be easily modified for different employees.

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