Propylene Gas

Propylene Gas for Industrial Applications

Propylene gas has hundreds of uses across many industries. Learn about its applications and why you should choose Oxygen Service as your next propylene gas provider.

What Is Propylene Gas?

Propylene, also known as propene, is an unsaturated organic compound. Propylene is a multi-purpose industrial fuel gas that provides safety and performance. This gas has a sweet odor and is colorless, flammable, and liquefied.

What Is Propylene Used For?

Propylene gas offers greater advantages over natural gas and acetylene, including significantly improved cut speeds. Propylene gas has been used for over 30 years in various industries for applications like heating, stress relieving, flame hardening, flame cutting, soldering, brazing, and metalizing.

What Do You Need To Use Propylene Gas?

Propylene is a safe gas to use, but err on the side of caution. The primary item you need for using propylene gas is a fitted propane-grade hose. This element is flame- and oil-resistant, further increasing safety. Listed below are a few other pieces of equipment commonly used in the propylene process:

  • Propane-grade hose
  • Propylene safety sheet
  • Steel cutting equipment
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Benefits of Propylene Gas

Acetylene was once the leading gas source for heating and cutting applications across all industries. Today, many manufacturers and welders have shifted to using propylene gas for increased safety measures and cost savings. Propylene is also more versatile, offering more extended cutting tips farther away from working surfaces. Provided below are the benefits of using propylene gas:

Fewer Equipment Requirements

With other gas sources, you need extensive equipment to guarantee safety and complete the operational process. Safety is streamlined with propylene gas, and fewer materials are required. You only need to switch gas and cutting tips to begin a new project, assuming you already have a propane hose.

Extra Safety

Safety should be your first consideration when determining what types of gas to use. Luckily, you’re in good hands with Oxygen Service’s propylene gas, the safest in the industry. Other gasses like acetylene experience increased pressure, which can result in dangerous flashbacks.

Effective Heat Transfer

No other gas supports your productivity and efficiency like propylene gas. Its cutting results in more effective heat transfers in thick metal and large machinery parts. The chemistry breakdown of propylene provides the basis for stronger heat transfer, increasing production.

Better Cutting Tips

Cutting tips last considerably longer when using propylene. The tip is farther from work surfaces, decreasing impact and boosting lifespan. Also, propylene doesn’t produce soot because of its chemical makeup, so it’s a cleaner burning fuel.

Improved Propylene Cylinders

Long-lasting propylene cylinders increase productivity and lower labor costs. Each propylene gas cylinder has more product than any other source on the market. This decreases your facility’s product and delivery costs since you spend less time changing cylinders. Reduction in labor costs can reach up to 80%.

Propylene Gas Applications

Various propylene tanks are available on the market for specific businesses and industries. Check out a few applications of propylene tanks:

Water Heater Propane Tanks

Water heaters typically run on electricity, natural gas, or propane. Propylene water heaters are much more cost effective compared to other sources.

Welding Equipment Propane Tanks

Propylene gas cylinders for brazing and cutting have proved much more effective than other sources like acetylene.

Propane-Powered Motors

Propylene cylinders often power heavy machinery with motors, like forklifts, because of their power and efficiency.

Industries That Use Propylene Gas

Many industries benefit from using propylene gas because it’s safe, clean, and efficient. Below are just a few businesses and operations that rely on propane every day:

  • Printing press applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural drying
  • Metal melting
  • Warehouses

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