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Acetylene gas is a staple across industries. Find out what makes this gas so popular and why you should choose OSC as your next provider.

What Is Acetylene Gas?

Acetylene has become one of the most popular fuel gases since it was first used to cut metals in 1906. Acetylene is now recognized as the strongest, safest, and most user-friendly gas.

Oxygen and acetylene are typically combined together in a process known as oxy-acetylene welding. This combustion creates the hottest flame temperature possible with fuel gases: 3,150 degrees Celsius. Acetylene is the only gas capable of welding steel.

Another reason that acetylene is an industry standard is its convenience. Acetylene welding torches:

  • Give the fastest preheating and piercing times of any gas
  • Use less oxygen than other gases like propane or propylene
  • Provide the lowest level of hardening for the surface of the cut, minimizing metal distortion
acetylene gas container with knobs and pressure readers

Acetylene gas cylinders are also one of the only gas tanks lighter than air. This property makes them uniquely suited for underground work. It’s no wonder that acetylene gas is a staple in the modern world. It has no shortage of qualities that make it more effective, convenient, and safe than its competitors.

Acetylene’s Applications

Acetylene has a wide variety of applications across industries, including:

Welding and Cutting

Acetylene is most commonly used in the fabrication industry in conjunction with welding equipment. As mentioned above, oxy-fuel welding has unique properties that make it better at welding than any other gas.

Gas welding with acetylene minimizes the heat-affected zone of the metals you’re working with. Acetylene gas cylinders allow you to be more precise with your pieces of metal, regardless of the type of welding.

Polyethylene Plastics

Acetylene is used in the development of polyethylene plastics, more commonly known as PVC or PVDF. The process of producing these materials involves gas flow of ethylene or methane, both of which originate from acetylene. Ethylene and methane are created when acetylene is combined with hydrochloric acid or chlorine.

Industries That Use Acetylene Gas

Acetylene gas is easy to find across many industries. Some of which include:


Acetylene is frequently found in the plastic industry. As mentioned earlier, all PVC and PVDF production relies on acetylene. These plastic hybrids are commonly found in both commercial and residential applications.

Chemical Production

Acetylene is involved in the production of chemicals used in perfumes, vitamins, polymers, and solvents. Acetylene gas is so popular because it:

  • Has low volatility
  • Is easy to use
  • Can be combined with other compounds
row of red multi-sized acetylene industrial gas containers

Welding and Metal Fabrication

The fabrication industry uses huge amounts of acetylene because of the unique way it combusts oxygen. Acetylene is also one of the only gases able to handle extremely thick plates of steel. If you have a welding job but aren’t sure what acetylene tank size you need, check out our resources page.

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Other Applications of Acetylene Gas

  • Glass Industry

    Acetylene gas can be converted to acrylic acid derivatives. These derivatives are able to then form products like glass, paint, resin, and other polymers.

  • Flame Cleaning

    Flame cleaning is the process of using oxy-acetylene flames to clean the surface of steel. This process removes mill scale, rust, and other surface irregularities on your metal. This is handy because it leaves your steel completely clean, making it easy to wire brush and paint.

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