Industrial Gas

High-Quality Industrial Gas for Your Midwestern Business

The variety of industrial gases available on the market can be overwhelming. The experts at Oxygen Service Company can help you find the best gas for your specific business needs.

A Quality Industrial Gas Supplier

We offer a complete line of industrial gases and gas mixtures for a wide range of industries. Our clients choose us as their leading supplier for high-quality industrial gases because we value quality and are committed to service. After all, service is our middle name. Some of the gases we offer include:

If you don’t see the industrial gas you need, contact us today to learn more about how we can locate it for you.

Side view of industrial piping facility

Industrial Gas Providers and Chemists

Not only do we offer a wide range of industrial gases in an uninterrupted supply, but we also have an onsite chemist and analyst to test our gases before they’re delivered directly from our truck to your facility. Rest assured that with OSC as your fuel supplier, you’re getting a quality product every time.

A Variety of Uses for Industrial Gas

OSC’s gases are used for a variety of applications and industrial processes. For example, acetylene is used for cutting torches and a wide range of welding techniques. Argon is commonly used as a shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature processes. Hydrogen is a standard solution for heat treating, parts manufacturing, and glass and chemical production. If you’re not sure what type of industrial gas you need for your business, we can help you choose the correct solution.

Locating Your Industrial Gas

Don’t see the gas you’re looking for in our list of offerings? Give us a call today, and we can tell you if we’re able to supply it just for you.

Your Full-Service Industrial Gas Supplier

From gas selection and testing to delivery, OSC has everything you need to supply your business with the right gases. Gone are the days of depending on multiple vendors for your industrial gas needs. When you choose OCS, you’re getting a reliable supply of industrial gas from one quality source.

Industrial Gas Services and Beyond

Helping you choose an industrial gas is just one of our specialties. Oxygen Service Company also provides a comprehensive line of welding supplies and machines, various robotic platforms, automated cutting and welding equipment, and bulk gases. We provide a fast, efficient, and highly regarded gas delivery service. We also manufacture dry ice daily, so you get the highest-quality dry ice in the Midwest. Contact us today to learn more.

Buying Gas in Bulk

Whether you’re looking to purchase industrial gas in bulk or microbulk, Oxygen Service Company supplies a wide range of bulk gas types for your industrial or commercial business needs.

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