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Pure Industrial O2 Gas Applications

While oxygen gas is a significant part of our atmosphere, it also plays a critical role across industries. Read on to learn more about industrial uses of oxygen and see why Oxygen Service is the right O2 gas provider for you.

What Is Industrial O2 Gas?

O2 gas is found everywhere you look. It’s in our homes, water supplies, and businesses. Did you know that almost half of Earth’s oxygen supply comes from the ocean? Oxygen gas is a component that keeps us alive. It makes up over 20% of our atmosphere and a small portion of Earth’s crust. Almost 100% of dissolved oxygen is accounted for in seawater, with soil, glaciers, and ice caps containing the rest.

Oxygen has the second-largest industrial gas volume and is created in various ways. It can be produced in large quantities at cold temperatures, specifically for medical and manufacturing processes. O2 gas is also created in high quantities with less purity through pressure swing adsorption.

Oxygen gas is vital for many industrial operations. O2 gas is used in welding to increase the heat of flames, while liquid oxygen uses cutting tips for metal cutting and scrapping processes. As experts in O2 gas, we offer and support a complete line of oxygen equipment.

O2 Gas Applications

Hundreds of businesses rely on oxygen gas for their daily operations. Listed below are a few leading users of industrial oxygen:

  • Health Services
  • Utilities
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication and Production
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Chemical Processing
  • Steel Manufacturing

Industrial Uses of Oxygen

Oxygen is necessary for accelerating chemical reactions, combustion, and oxidation. Industrial oxygen gas isn’t intended to be inhaled like medical oxygen—instead, it’s used to assist in facility operations.

Metal and Steel Manufacturing

Metal and steel manufacturers are the most dependent on O2 gas. Steelmaking relies on oxygen to enrich the air and increase combustion in blast furnaces. Unwanted carbon combines with oxygen, forming carbon oxides that leave as gasses during the process. Large quantities of oxygen make metals, copper, lead, and zinc.


Oxygen is used as a raw material in oxidation processes for pharmaceutical companies. Hydrocarbons, hydroperoxide, ethylene dichloride, nitric acid, and phthalic acid are all components that rely on oxidation.

Glass Manufacturing

Industrial oxygen assists glass manufacturing with better heating patterns, reduced emissions, and higher furnace efficiency.

Paper and Pulp Manufacturing

Oxygen is an important bleaching chemical, which is crucial in producing pulp. Bleaching is also critical for paper manufacturing.

Make Oxygen Service Your Next O2 Gas Provider

Need pure industrial O2 gas? Oxygen Service has you covered whether you need support for your manufacturing, gas, or welding business.

Onsite O2 Gas Generation

Oxygen Service delivers oxygen directly to your business, but onsite O2 gas generators can be even more valuable for your facility. Onsite generation is very similar to nitrogen distribution. Generators work to isolate O2 molecules and continuously provide usable oxygen. Contact Oxygen Service for your onsite generator installation.

Benefits of Oxygen Gas Generation

Benefits of onsite oxygen generation include:

  • 24/7 availability of oxygen gas, with no breaks in production
  • Generating O2 gas is cheaper than purchasing it in bulk
  • Higher levels of oxygen purity
  • More facility space with fewer oxygen cylinders
  • Easy to integrate into compressed air systems
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Oxygen Equipment

There are two types of industrial systems available on the market, each with different oxygen cylinder sizes:

Compressed Gas Systems

Compressed gas systems are small, pre-filled tanks available for weekly deliveries from Oxygen Service. These systems feature an oxygen concentrator with 50-foot tubing.

Liquid Oxygen Systems

Liquid oxygen systems are small tanks that are refillable from the reservoir, featuring 30- to 50-foot tubing.

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