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High-Quality Bulk Fuel Gases for Oxy-Fuel Welding Projects

OSC offers high-quality fuel gas in bulk or microbulk sizes ranging from 450 liters to 13,000 gallons. Our innovative delivery system eliminates product runouts and keeps your operations going.

A Leading Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting Supplier

Oxy-fuel cutting is a thermal process that cuts through metals using a combination of oxygen and fuel gas. It’s a popular choice among welders because it offers the following benefits:


Oxy-fuel gas cutting isn’t dependent on a primary power source or compressed air, making it highly portable and capable of cutting anywhere with access to gas tanks and torches.


The equipment used in oxy-fuel cutting is versatile and used to heat, braze, solder, weld, and bend various metals.

User Friendly

Oxy-fuel cutting allows the welder to efficiently control the heat input, temperature, weld bead size, and shape.

As a leading supplier of bulk and industrial gas, Oxygen Service Company provides a reliable fuel gas supply to meet your demands.

An Efficient Solution for Your Bulk Fuel Gas Needs

Our bulk gas delivery system delivers gas directly from our truck to your facility’s station liquid containers. Contact us today to see how we can meet your oxy-fuel gas cutting needs.

Oxy-Fuel Gases Offered by OSC

The fuel gas used in oxy-fuel cutting is determined by the preferred application, cost, heat output, and oxygen consumption. OSC offers these four gases in bulk and microbulk options:

  • Acetylene

    Acetylene is one of the most common welding fuel gases used. Its low flame moisture content makes it ideal for oxy-fuel gas cutting processes, and acetylene is the only fuel gas used to weld steel. Acetylene requires the least amount of oxygen for complete combustion and is ideal for flame heating, gouging, and welding applications.

  • Propane

    Propane is a highly flammable and colorless gas created as a byproduct of petroleum refining and natural gas processing. Its clean-burning characteristics make it popular for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications.

  • Propylene

    Propylene is a colorless fuel gas that’s extremely flammable and non-toxic. It’s obtained during gasoline refining and produced by splitting, cracking, and reforming a hydrocarbon mixture. Propylene is an attractive alternative to propane for cutting because it offers superior combustion performance and burns at higher temperatures.

  • Chemolene

    Chemolene fuel gas is a stable, non-toxic, and non-poisonous gas that offers limited flammability and is extremely resistant to shock and explosions. A propane-based fuel, chemolene is safely used at full cylinder pressure and less susceptible to back-flash in a torch than any competitive fuel.

OSC’s Oxy-Fuel Cutting Gas Cylinder Delivery

Does your business need a steady supply of fuel gas? Using OSC as your supplier means you never have to worry about process interruptions from product runouts. Our fleet of vehicles delivers the bulk fuel gas you need, and our team of trained specialists is always available to offer guidance and support, ensuring you have the right gas for your needs.

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Supplying your business with high-quality fuel gas is just one of our specialties. OSC provides welding equipment rental and repair services to various industries, including:

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