OSC’s Pipeline Nitrogen Services

Industry Solutions for Nitrogen Purging and Pumping Services

Most industrial processes are moisture-sensitive and need an oxygen-deficient environment to produce the highest-quality product. Impurities, oxidation, and water vapor create hazards for employees and manufacturing systems. That’s why industrial manufacturers use nitrogen purging to eliminate any harmful substances that exist in a pipeline. Nitrogen purging uses nitrogen gas to remove moisture and oxygen to create a stable climate. Oxygen Service Company offers industry-leading pipeline nitrogen services that test and purge pipelines to verify your system is safe and leak-free.

Our Pipeline Nitrogen Service Techniques

Different nitrogen purging techniques are available and depend on your system’s size, geometry, and location. Our team is available to offer suggestions on which method is best for your system. Here are the two processes offered by OSC:

Displacement Purging

Displacement purging is ideal for basic cross-section systems. This technique involves removing unwanted matter by propelling a scraping piston through pipes. The amount of nitrogen required for this process depends on the pipe’s volume, and the displacement method doesn’t require substantial mixing of gases.

Dilution Purging

Complex systems that don’t have straightforward pipelines or simple cross-sections require dilution purging. This method mixes nitrogen with the specific gas being purged and injected from the entry point to the exit point.

Our Pipeline Nitrogen Service Components

Finding the right nitrogen service provider enhances workplace safety by carefully pressurizing and clearing your pipeline. OSC has decades of experience providing nitrogen pumping services for various industries. Our expert team travels to your facility to perform onsite tests and is equipped with the latest technology, including:

View of a medical worker changing the liquid nitrogen

High-Pressure Nitrogen Pump

Generating nitrogen isn’t enough to purge a pipeline, the gas also needs to be delivered at a specific pressure. Our team uses high-pressure nitrogen pumps that allow them to raise the pressure of newly synthesized nitrogen gas to the required levels before injecting them into a system.

Nitrogen Pumping Unit

Nitrogen pumping units play a critical role by converting liquid nitrogen to gas. Our temperature-controlled pumping equipment is available 24/7 and has the following features:

  • 180,000 cubic feet per hour
  • 250,000 cubic feet capacity
  • Unlimited volume capacities

Nitrogen Pumping Trucks

Our fleet of nitrogen pumping trucks serves a 500-mile radius from our headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We make sure our trucks are sent out with the right pumping unit equipment, allowing our team to quickly test and purge your system.

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Industries That Benefit From Our Nitrogen Services

Keeping pipelines clear of dangerous gas mixes is a top priority for multiple industries, including:

Metal Fabrication

Nitrogen purging systems are used to remove compounds that affect weld quality in the metal fabrication industry.

Oil and Gas

Oxygen mixing with hydrocarbons creates an explosive mixture that risks the safety of workers in the oil and gas industry. Nitrogen purging is performed to minimize the presence of oxygen in pipe systems and prevent hazardous mixtures.

Overhead view of a liquid nitrogen container

Food and Beverage

Nitrogen purging is used in the food and beverage industry to displace oxygen and increase the shelflife of items. This helps enhance product quality during delivery.

We know how important keeping systems clear of debris is for various processes. Along with our purging and testing solutions, we offer additional nitrogen services. These include:

  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • Pipe freezing jobs
  • Tank pressurization

OSC: A Leading Provider of Pipeline Nitrogen Services and More

OSC has been a leading provider of gas, welding, and automation solutions since 1959. With six locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, we’re able to meet the needs of businesses across multiple industries. We’re a family-owned and -operated company that’s dedicated to providing the best service for our customers. Our team is committed to making sure you get the best solution for your business and maintain that commitment by following our five core values:

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Our in-house team of experts has years of experience helping our customers make the right choice for their business and go above and beyond to make sure they’re satisfied. We partner with well-known manufacturers and vendors that produce the highest-quality equipment and supplies. Contact us today to learn more about how we combine our quality services with innovative products.

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