Pipeline Nitrogen Services

Testing Your Pipeline With Our Nitrogen Services

Finding the right truck equipped to facilitate pipeline nitrogen services is difficult. They are few and far between. However, our truck fleet at Oxygen Service Company has the equipment to get the job done right the first time.

What to Expect from Our Pipeline Nitrogen Services

If you need a pipeline tested, we have the highest quality nitrogen to check it with. Oxygen Service Company pressurizes and tests the pipeline you need to run your business, checking for leaks and ensuring we prevent explosions when serviced. Our nitrogen experts arrive at your facility and test your pipeline with our truck, equipped with a nitrogen purging unit and nitrogen pumper. When pressure and volume matter, you can count on OSC.

Nitrogen Purging Explained

We use the industry-standard technique, nitrogen purging, to remove hazardous or undesirable atmospheres. The two most common processes of purging are displacement and delusion. We analyze the geometry of the processing system before deciding which method to use on your pipeline. For a simple system, displacement purging is usually more efficient when it comes to time and costs, but for a more complex nitrogen purging system, a dilution purging procedure is used.

Two piping workers walking along the pipe line
OSC nitrogen pumping unit truck

A Robust Nitrogen Pumper

Our temperature-controlled pumping equipment is available for use 24/7. Our highly trained experts will be on-site during application to ensure there are no disruptions or issues.

We provide several industries with pipeline nitrogen services. From power generation, refineries, utilities, and energy to railcar and tank manufacturing, we have the expertise to service your industry needs.

Our nitrogen pumping unit features include:

  • 180,000 cubit feet per hour
  • 250,000 cubic feet capacity
  • Unlimited volume capacities/on-site replenishment
  • Refinery safe and non-direct fired
  • Ability to hold up to 10,000 pounds per square inch (PSI)

Along with pipeline purging and testing, other applications we test with nitrogen include midstream, downstream, and industrial nitrogen, pipeline pigging, pipe freezing jobs, tank pressurization, and heating and drying plant reactors.

Your Fast, Efficient Solution for Pipeline Testing

As a part of our nitrogen pipeline service, we come to your facility and test your pipeline with quality gas that we provide. Let us take the hassle out of your pipeline testing.

We Travel to You for Nitrogen Purging

We service areas within a 500-mile radius of our main facility in Saint Paul. From Fargo, Madison, and Cedar Rapids all the way to Kansas City, we make it easy to test your pipeline by doing all the traveling. Trucks equipped with the right pumping unit and nitrogen purging system are few and far between, but our robust truck fleet is equipped with the right pumping equipment to perform an efficient nitrogen testing and purging procedure on-site at your facility.

Pipeline Nitrogen Services and Beyond

Providing pipeline nitrogen services is just one of our specialties. OSC also provides customers with an innovative line of welding supplies and machines, repair services, a variety of robotic platforms, automated cutting and welding equipment, and various industrial and specialty gases. Our fast, efficient delivery services are reliable, and we make our dry ice fresh daily, so you can ensure you’re getting the best local pellets in Minnesota. Contact us today to learn more.

On-Site Lab for Testing

We have a team of chemists and analysts who test our specialty gases to ensure high-quality. We know gases, so you get the best product from OSC.

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