Medical Dry Ice

Supplying Facilities in the Midwest With Quality Medical Dry Ice

Dry ice is a popular solution for maintaining the quality of medical samples. But if you’re not purchasing it made to order, you’re not getting what you pay for. Consider Oxygen Service Company’s made-to-order dry ice.

Offering Dry Ice for Medical Purposes

Oxygen Service Company supplies hospitals, laboratories, and medical facilities with quality dry ice. Medical field facilitators use it for several purposes, such as transportation of temperature-sensitive items, cleaning of medical devices and equipment, and sample and blood work storage. We know dry ice is a necessity for your medical facility. That’s why when you order from OSC, we always ensure you’re getting quality, made-to-order products.

It’s essential to have quality medical dry ice at your facility to store the COVID-19 vaccine. For optimum effectiveness, the vaccine must be stored at –94 degrees Fahrenheit, an extremely cold temperature that OSC’s medical dry ice can meet easily.

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Dry Ice Packing and Safety

Dry ice should always be handled with care and used in accordance with the safety data sheet. Our experienced team can advise you on the proper safety measures when packing, handling, and storing dry ice. Here are some safety precautions to follow:

  • Only use dry ice with equipment and storage containers manufactured for dry ice. Storing dry ice in an airtight container that’s not equipped to handle its unique properties could result in an unexpected and dangerous burst.
  • Dry ice is extremely cold and can cause frostbite. You should wear proper protective clothing when handling it, including protective eyewear.
  • If you are exposed to dry ice, seek proper medical care immediately.

Medical Dry Ice for Commercial Health Facilities

Commercial health facilities also use dry ice for cleaning purposes. OSC recommends using dry ice blasting to clean medical and industrial equipment. This cleaning method is becoming more popular for medical facilities because it reduces waste, is environmentally friendly, and decreases the use of traditional, harmful cleaning products.

Blasting works by surface blasting medical equipment with shaved pellets. When the pellets make contact with the surface, they transform into gas immediately, expanding and removing contaminants from the surface.

Dry Ice Lab Transportation

Oxygen Service Company recommends dry ice for transporting temperature-sensitive items, such as biological samples, blood, organs, and medications. With freezing temperatures reaching –109° F, dry ice is extremely cold compared to regular ice from a freezer, so its properties are beneficial in keeping a variety of medical items at their highest quality. Dry ice doesn’t melt. Instead, it evaporates into gas over time, making it an ideal choice for shipping temperature-sensitive products that must be cold for long periods of time.

Providing Affordable Medical Dry Ice

We suggest using dry ice for several medical purposes. From packing to transporting, the benefits are endless.

Choose Oxygen Service Company’s Dry Ice for Medical Purposes

Did you know that dry ice sublimes up to 10% per day, depending on the environmental conditions? That’s why, to get the carbon dioxide you’re paying for, it’s crucial to consider made-to-order dry ice from Oxygen Service Company. Our dry ice is never older than a few hours, so you know you’re getting quality dry ice from a leading local supplier. We also weigh our dry ice orders to make sure you receive exactly what you expect.

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Medical Dry Ice and Beyond

Providing dry ice for medical purposes is just one of our specialties. Oxygen Service Company also provides a large line of welding supplies and machines, repair services, quality robotic platforms, automated cutting equipment, and various industrial and specialty gases. Our dry ice is made to order every day, and our delivery service is a reliable way to get what you need on time. As a 100% employee-owned company, we prioritize customer satisfaction. That’s why service is our middle name.

The Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Process

A fast-growing use for dry ice is blasting. This procedure cleans effectively with virtually no trace upon sublimation.

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