OSC Can Fulfill Your Willmar Gas, Welding, and Dry Ice Needs

Helping Our Customers in Willmar & Beyond

OSC Is Ready To Serve Willmar

We pride ourselves on being completely employee owned at Oxygen Service Company. OSC has maintained a small family feel despite our growth. We’re now made up of a team of 26 salespeople with a combined 677 years of experience, so you can always count on us to give your company the service it deserves.

Come to OSC for Your Willmar Welding Needs

OSC provides over 50,000 welding SKUs from over 100 vendors. With our full-service welding supply store, we can help you get the specialized welding equipment you need. You can also ask our workers for help, and they’ll be happy to share what they know. The welding equipment we offer includes:

  • TIG and MIG Welders
  • Stick Welders
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Engine Drives
  • Cutting and Welding Tables
  • Welding Robots
  • Welding Personal Protective Equipment

If you don’t want to commit the money to buy your equipment outright, we also have rental options available.

Sometimes, you might not have the experience or knowledge to do a certain welding job. If you need expert welding services, turn to OSC. We offer repairs and inspections for the jobs that you need some extra help with.

Our Willmar Gas Options

If your company needs gas, come to OSC. We’ve developed robust partnerships with the region’s best providers, making our gas top shelf. High-quality gas doesn’t have to mean a slow delivery—we promise rapid delivery to all of our clients thanks to our thorough logistics system. You always get your product on time when you partner with OSC. Our gas services include:

  • Delivery of industrial and specialty gases
  • Pipeline nitrogen services
  • Gas distribution to the energy and chemical industries

Whether you need a few tanks to get you through the quarter or a massive shipment, OSC is here to help.

industrial gas gauge

Need Dry Ice in Willmar?

Does your business need dry ice? OSC can help. We offer dry ice for everything from massive commercial applications to at-home science experiments. Our competitors sell half-sublimated ice that’s nearly gone by the time you get to use it. OSC never ships dry ice that’s older than a few hours, so it lasts longer and never wastes away in a warehouse.

Explore Our Robotic Automation Services

Keep your welding processes safe and efficient by automating them. Our state-of-the-art robotic welding machines cut costs while improving the productivity of your facility and the control, measurement, and delivery of your product.

Partner With OSC for High-Quality Gas, Ice, and Welding Products

We’ve become masters in our industry over our 61 years of service. With our expert team and partnerships with the best Midwest suppliers of gas, dry ice, and welding supplies, Oxygen Service Company is more than capable of meeting your needs.

a masked industrial welder welds a metal structure

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