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Oxygen Service Company is a leading provider of medical gases, dry ice, and temperature-sensitive items to the medical industry. We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery of these vital materials, which is why we’ve built a reputation for providing exceptional customer service.

OSC Isn’t Your Average Medical Gas Supplier

Oxygen Service Company sets the standard for industrial distribution. Unlike other medical gas companies, we prioritize quality, efficiency, and doing right by our customers. We support healthcare facilities with the highest quality medical gases from reputable vendors.

Our gases are distributed in various delivery methods, including high-pressure cylinders, bulk liquid tanks, and micro-bulk systems. We also offer custom blending and purification services to ensure our gases meet specific customer needs.

Highest Quality Medical Gases

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Medical Gases Used in the Healthcare Industry

We supply common medical gases used in the healthcare industry, such as the following:

  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen (N2) is a cold gas often used as a cryogenic method for freezing and preserving tissue, blood, and other biological elements. Its cooling elements are also used in surgical procedures to freeze and destroy diseased tissue.

    Additionally, nitrogen is used for powering pneumatic surgical equipment and other medical devices. This is especially common for medical facilities with limited access to instrument air.

  • Carbon Dioxide

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) has multiple uses in the medical field. It’s the most frequently used gas for insufflation in surgeries like laparoscopy and arthroscopy. By blowing this gas into a particular body cavity, surgeons have better visibility and access to specific surgical areas.

    Similar to nitrogen, CO2 is also used with cryotherapy devices. Once under temperatures of -76°, it can be used to destroy body cells. Additionally, carbon dioxide is often combined with oxygen to induce respiratory stimulation in patients.

  • Dry Ice

    Oxygen Service Company is a leading dry-ice supplier in the Midwest. Dry ice is the solid form of CO2 that’s colder than ice water and holds for exponentially long periods before it converts to gas.

    In the medical field, dry ice is commonly used for shipping and cooling temperature-sensitive items, such as biological samples and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, we provide FDA-approved dry ice blasting services that are environmentally efficient for cleaning medical instruments and industrial equipment.

    OSC offers many packaging options to ensure that your items remain at the proper temperature during transportation. Our dry ice is made-to-order at our St. Paul and Sauk Rapids locations in Minnesota.

  • Nitrous Oxide

    Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an inhaled gas primarily used in the medical and dental industries. Colloquially known as “laughing gas,” it’s a common anesthetic and analgesic when combined with oxygen.

  • Nitric Oxide

    Not to be confused with N2O, nitric oxide (NO) is a gas with only one nitrogen atom that’s commonly used as a prescription drug. Many hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare facilities use inhaled nitric oxide therapy to improve blood flow in the lungs.

  • Oxygen

    Oxygen (O2) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is an essential tool in the medical system. Many people are familiar with the compressed gas cylinders oxygen is commonly stored in to treat cases of insufficient oxygen in the body. This treatment typically includes resuscitation and inhalation therapy.

    Oxygen therapy increases blood oxygen levels and blood flow resistance in the lungs and is effective for conditions like emphysema, pneumonia, and congestive heart failure.

  • Argon

    Argon (Ar) is an increasingly popular medical gas with hundreds of uses. In healthcare, it’s been used for procedures like retinal realignment, tumor destruction, and heart arrhythmia correction. It’s also been promising for treating conditions like Traumatic Brain Injury with its helpful narcotic components.

    Argon also doubles as an efficient surgical tool for quality control. Many healthcare facilities use the element as a plasma gas for preventing bleeding at surgical sites.

  • Medical Air

    Medical air is an odorless, purified supply of suppressed air that’s used for respiration. Instead of being stored in bulk like oxygen, medical air is often created on-site in facilities. Hospitals use medical air for tons of treatments like ventilations and incubators.

    To prevent the risk of medical air contamination, hospitals must use high-compressed air filtration systems that are regularly maintained.

  • Helium

    Helium (He) is both used as a liquid and a gas. As a liquid, helium is typically used to assist MRI systems with producing high-resolution body images. While in gas form, helium has dimensions that are so small that it can easily exit containers. Its size makes it a popular choice as a tracer gas for detecting leaks in laboratories.

Oxygen Service Company is a Premier Medical Gas Company

If you’re wondering where to find industrial and medical gases near you in the Midwest—look no further than OSC.

At Oxygen Service Company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and quality. Our medical gases are produced and handled per the highest industry standards, and our delivery vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Our superior customer service and core values set us apart from our competitors, and we look forward to serving the medical industry for many years.

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If you’re unsure which specialty gases your facility needs, our experts can advise you on selecting the proper medical gases for any application.

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