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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless greenhouse gas and one of the most important components of our atmosphere.

While carbon dioxide is a huge part of the natural world, it also plays a pivotal role across industries. Keep reading to learn more about industrial uses of CO2 and why Oxygen Service Company is the right CO2 provider for you.

What Is Industrial Carbon Dioxide?

Industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) is an incombustible gas that’s collected as a byproduct of industrial processes. Most CO2 that’s sold as a commercial product is recovered and purified from industrial plants, usually as the result of large-scale chemical production.

Carbon dioxide is an extremely versatile gas. Carbon dioxide does not burn or support combustion, is 1.5 times heavier than air, and forms into dry ice at a low enough temperature. When you combine these properties with its unique reactions, CO2 has a huge range of industrial applications.

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Carbon Dioxide’s Applications

Some of the most popular uses of carbon dioxide in industrial applications include:

Refrigeration and Cooling

Carbon dioxide is used for refrigeration and cooling across industries. CO2 is extremely cold in any form, which comes in handy for keeping temperature-sensitive objects cool. CO2 is most commonly applied in the refrigeration and transport of foods, where a high-pressure nozzle filters liquid CO2 with CO2 gas to create a “snow” that covers food. This “snow” takes an extremely long time to sublimate, which helps products stay fresh longer.

Shielding Gas

Industrial carbon dioxide is commonly used with argon as a shielding gas in MIG/MAG welding. Shielding gases protect the weld against oxidation and other outside elements by sealing the weld space. Keeping your weld space sealed is critical to keeping your welds clean and effective. While there are alternative shielding gases to CO2 and argon, the CO2/argon mix leads to a higher welding rate and eliminates the need for post-weld treatments.

Chemical Production

Carbon dioxide is frequently used as a raw material in chemical processing, most commonly in urea and methanol production. Urea is essential for the agricultural industry, and methanol is most commonly used to produce formaldehyde or hydrocarbons.

CO2 uses even extend to oil. CO2 is frequently pumped and dissolved in oil wells to make the oil less viscous. This process makes it much easier to extract oil from the bedrock and has led to a huge increase in efficiency for oil companies.

Industries That Use Industrial Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide has a huge variety of applications across industries. Some industries that commonly use CO2 include:


Carbon dioxide is commonly used in welding as a shielding gas during MIG/MAG welding. CO2 is especially useful for welding thick materials because it enables better joint penetration and gives welding guns superior arc stability. CO2 is increasingly common in welding because it speeds up processes, improves weld quality, and keeps the process clean.

Food and Beverage

CO2 is the #1 gas in the food and beverage industry. While we already mentioned CO2’s unique cooling properties, CO2 is even used for drink carbonation! Whether you’re drinking sparkling water, a can of soda, or some bubbly wine, CO2 is involved in all drink carbonation. The next time you’re enjoying a carbonated drink, thank carbon dioxide.

Chemical Production

Industrial production of CO2 is often used in the chemical industry. Outside of being involved in the production of urea and methanol, carbon dioxide may soon be used as a fuel source.

Captured CO2 has started to be studied as a raw material for transport fuels. While this technique isn’t financially viable right now, increased electrical efficiency could make CO2-based synthetic fuels a reality. There’s a lot of promise for carbon dioxide in the chemical industry, and we’re happy to fulfill whatever CO2 needs you have.

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Other Applications of Industrial Carbon Dioxide

  • Rubber and Plastics

    “Flash” refers to any excess rubber on a molded product. It’s critical that molded products meet exact specifications, so blasting off excess material is incredibly important. Carbon dioxide helps keep rubber products to spec in the form of dry ice. This process is called dry ice blasting. Rubber objects are placed in a rotating drum filled with dry ice and then spun around, like you would see with a dryer. The dry ice chips blast away any irregularities on the product to keep molds uniform and ready to sell.

  • Propellant

    Carbon dioxide is starting to be used as an alternative to traditional aerosol can propellants. Carbon dioxide is safer than the harsh chemicals typically used as propellant, making CO2-powered cans easier on your lungs and safer for the environment.

  • Oxygen Additive

    Carbon dioxide is frequently used as an additive to oxygen as a respiratory stimulant. This means that industrial carbon dioxide can be found in medical facilities across the U.S. and plays a big part in keeping patients breathing. If you’re a medical facility owner and need CO2 fast, Oxygen Service Company is here to help.

  • Greenhouses

    Botanists have started pumping excess carbon dioxide in greenhouses. Plant yield has been shown to increase by up to 20% in CO2-enriched air. Be careful when dealing with large amounts of CO2 in the air—concentrations of CO2 over 10% can cause convulsions, coma, and even death. Always make sure your carbon dioxide greenhouse operation is safe.

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