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Countless businesses and industries across the country use industrial nitrogen. Learn why you should choose Oxygen Service as your next provider for industrial nitrogen in your facility.

Nitrogen Facts

Nitrogen is among the most popular chemical molecules for gas, manufacturing, and welding professionals today. Industrial nitrogen is optimized for several applications across various industries. We’ll take a look at the background of nitrogen, its specific uses and benefits, and nitrogen tanks.

Industrial nitrogen, or N2 gas, refers to when individual atoms bond to create diatomic molecules of nitrogen. Industrial nitrogen is the answer for your business if you aren’t looking for chemical cross reactivity between substrates. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, and chemically inert gas that’s beneficial in many applications.

Common Nitrogen Gas Products

A few products that use industrial nitrogen include:

  • Membranes
  • Control systems for temperature, pressure, and oxygen

What Is Nitrogen Used For?

As we mentioned earlier, hundreds of industries benefit from nitrogen in their systems. Let’s break down the different uses for industrial nitrogen:


99% of drugs contain nitrogen molecules that play a crucial role in the synthesis production. Nitrous oxide is also a popular anesthetic agent.

Industrial Gases 101: What are they and how are the used?

Electronic Manufacturing

Nitrogen is necessary in the creation of electronic components for use in various devices. Nitrogen gas soldering ensures high-quality finishes, and industrial nitrogen is a preferred gas for metal manufacturing.

Mining Safety

Mining is a risky industry requiring numerous safety protocols. Fires and other accidents are typical within mines. Industrial nitrogen is a life saver in this industry, with the ability to put out fires by displacing oxygen from the air. Gaseous nitrogen is also used in mine abandonment to pump gas into volatile spaces.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

All commercial food and drink production uses nitrogen gas. Especially valuable for alcohol companies, industrial nitrogen is used to produce top-quality products. It’s also commonly used for packaging to prolong the life of food.

Gas for Tire Inflation

Tire companies everywhere rely on industrial nitrogen. It provides pressure retention to inflate tires efficiently. Nitrogen-filled tires improve overall tire longevity and gas mileage.

Need pure industrial nitrogen?

Oxygen Service can help. We’ve been meeting the Midwest’s nitrogen needs for over 60 years.

Benefits of Industrial Nitrogen

PSA and membrane separation nitrogen machines offer greater advantages than other industrial gas solutions. Let’s check out the benefits of industrial nitrogen:

industrial air separation plant
  • Improved Safety and Quality

    Safety is the first concern when dealing with high-pressure systems. Onsite nitrogen generation delivers a strong and consistent purity level. Most plants are fitted with gas analyzers monitoring the purity levels of industrial nitrogen to deliver the best results for their products and services.

  • Lower Cost

    Traditional delivery methods of nitrogen are expensive and inefficient. With PSA and membrane separation, industrial nitrogen can be installed onsite for consistent generation in your facility. Especially when nitrogen demand increases because of inflation, onsite generation is a cost-effective option.

  • Reliability

    Do you want complete control of nitrogen generation in your facility? Onsite generators put the power in the hands of facility managers, boosting production and efficiency. Onsite generation also avoids delivery delays when industrial nitrogen is unavailable for purchase.

Nitrogen Tank and Generator Safety

Nitrogen must be stored correctly so distributors can use it promptly. Industrial nitrogen is commonly stored in liquid forms, requiring low temperatures for preservation. Listed below are critical safety requirements for using nitrogen tanks:

  • Accurate monitors to detect nitrogen leaks
  • Vacuum stoppers to prevent nitrogen boiling
  • Pressure release valves to avoid explosions
  • Reinforced sealing systems
  • Protective equipment for staff
  • Regular inspections and maintenance
  • Delivery and installation from professionals like Oxygen Service

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