Bulk Hydrogen Gas

High-Quality Bulk Hydrogen With Multiple Industrial Applications

OSC is a leading bulk hydrogen storage supplier; our delivery system provides an uninterrupted supply and eliminates disruptions.

The Leading Hydrogen Fuel Supply Company

Hydrogen is an odorless and tasteless gas produced by reforming natural gas steam or the electrolysis of water. It’s lighter than air, burns with a clean flame, and is the only fuel gas that doesn’t contain carbon atoms. As a leading bulk and industrial gas supplier, Oxygen Service Company offers high-quality certified hydrogen, from small cylinders to liquid bulk tanks.

Let OSC Meet Your Hydrogen Fuel Supply Needs

Our bulk hydrogen delivery system gives you peace of mind by delivering bulk gas from our trucks directly to your bulk hydrogen storage tanks. Contact OSC today to learn more.

Industrial Applications of Bulk Hydrogen

  • Metal Fabrication

    Welders mix small amounts of hydrogen with argon to create a shielding gas that prevents contamination of the molten weld puddle in MIG and TIG welding projects.

  • Aerospace

    Hydrogen plays an essential role in rocket propulsion technology and powering spacecraft. Engineers also use hydrogen to support internal furnace combustion when manufacturing jet engines.

  • Automotive

    Hydrogen is used as an alternative energy source because it produces lower emissions with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

  • Chemical Refineries

    Refineries use hydrogen to remove contaminants and process crude oil into refined oil, including gasoline and diesel.

  • Pharmaceutical

    The pharmaceutical industry uses hydrogen to manufacture vitamins and other medical products.

  • Glass Making

    Glass manufacturers use hydrogen to create a clear furnace flame that produces low emissions and results in higher-quality glass.

  • Food and Beverage

    Hydrogen is a key element in the fat hydrogenation process, where liquid vegetable oils are converted into solid or semi-solid fats.

OSC’s Bulk Hydrogen Delivery System

Businesses that rely on hydrogen gas need a steady and uninterrupted supply. That’s why OSC developed an innovative system that delivers gas from our trucks straight to your bulk hydrogen storage tank. This system eliminates high-pressure cylinder handling, product run-outs, and process interruptions. Our extensive fleet of company-owned vehicles can deliver bulk hydrogen gas in volumes ranging from 450 liters to 13,000 gallons, and we have an on-site chemist that ensures you receive the highest-quality product.

Cryogenic Piping Systems

Cryogenic piping systems are ideal for businesses that rely on large volumes of bulk hydrogen gas. Our team works closely with leading cryogenic piping system manufacturers to design a system that best suits your needs. Once it’s installed, our cryogenic experts come to your facility once a month to fill your tank. Our cryogenic piping systems make it easier than ever to get the bulk hydrogen you need.

Bulk Hydrogen Supply Services and Beyond

Assisting our customers with their bulk hydrogen supply is just one of OSC’s specialties. We also provide automated cutting and welding equipment, welding supplies, and robotic platforms. Need specialty gases for your industrial processes? We offer a complete line of high-quality specialty gas mixtures and blends that meet compliance standards. OSC also has made-to-order dry ice, meaning you always get the highest-quality pellets in the region.

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Oxygen Service Company: A Leading Bulk Hydrogen Supplier

OSC has provided gas, welding, and automation solutions to our partners since 1959. We’re committed to our five core values:

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Our team of experts is equipped with years of experience and has the knowledge to assist our customers in picking the best welding solutions for their needs. Contact Oxygen Service Company today to learn how we help businesses with their bulk hydrogen fuel supply needs.

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