Cryogenic Piping Systems

Cryogenic piping systems are essential for a wide range of applications and industries that rely on bulk gases. Oxygen Service Company makes using bulk gas for your operations easier than ever.

Cryogenic Piping Systems for Bulk Gas Use

As a distributor of high-quality gases, OSC provides bulk gases for a wide range of fabrication and manufacturing customers.

It doesn’t make sense to transport bulk gas in dozens of cylinders. By using cryogenic piping systems, we take the hassle out of bulk gas delivery.

Timely Delivery

Our vehicles can deliver the gases you need right to your doorstep. If you need nitrogen, oxygen, helium, co2, or argon, our bulk delivery eliminates high-pressure cylinder handling, product runouts, delivery issues, and process interruptions. Plus, our experts stop by your facility once a month in a bulk gas transport truck to fill your tank.

Cryogenic Piping Design Features

There’s a wide range of equipment used to support a cryogenic piping design, including heat exchangers, cold boxes, storage vessels, vacuum-insulated piping, and cryogenic valves.

Most nonferrous metals are appropriate for cryogenic liquid transfer, such as copper, aluminum, and nickel-based alloys. While these metals are suitable, austenitic stainless steel can withstand the absolute zero temperature of –275℃. The OSC team works closely with local cryogenic piping system manufacturers to provide a quality cryogenic piping design that meets your needs.

The Codes and Standards for Cryogenic Piping Systems

High-pressure piping systems must conform to the industry standard piping code stated in the Fermilab Environment, Safety, and Health Manual (FESHM), chapter 5031.1.

A piping line with a rating of more than 150 psig must undergo a pressure test before service is implemented. Pipeline testing companies are required to obtain a permit before testing begins.

Process Piping Solutions

Process piping is used to convert liquids and gases into usable products, such as soft drinks or cleaning chemicals. Process piping systems include tubing, pipes, pressure hoses, valves, separators, traps, flanges, fittings, gaskets, and strainers.

OSC’s team of cryogenic experts can seamlessly assemble and install process piping at your facility, making it easy to get the product from our tank to your end use.

Bringing Bulk Gases to You With Cryogenic Piping Systems

Relying on bulk gas for your business operations is no longer a hassle with OSC. With us as your supplier, you won’t have to worry about excessive vent loss, residual product returns, job-related injuries, or process interruptions. Our remote tank monitoring ensures an uninterrupted supply of bulk gas. When you count on us for your bulk gas needs, you can expect a positive attitude and a customer-focused mindset. We’re here to get the job done right the first time.

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