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Fuel Surcharge Prices

Due to diesel fuel operational costs, Oxygen Service will implement a fuel surcharge for delivery invoices based on the diesel fuel prices specified below. This surcharge will be calculated on a Quarterly basis.

The following price list is provided to you by the Department of Energy website, Midwest.

The added fuel surcharge will apply to invoices where products are delivered to a customer’s site via an Oxygen Service Delivery vehicle and will not apply to cylinder rental invoices. Your understanding of this matter is appreciated. Being your supplier is important to us. We thank you for your business and look forward to additional opportunities to be of service.

Click here to view and track the average on-highway diesel fuel pricing.

Fuel Price RangeSurcharge
$0.00 to 3.00$0.00
$3.01 to $3.25$5.00
$3.26 to $3.50$6.00
$3.51 to $3.75$7.00
$3.76 to $4.00$8.00
$4.01 to $4.25$9.00
$4.26 to $4.50$10.00
$4.51 to $4.75$11.00
$4.76 to $5.00$12.00
$5.01 to $5.25$13.00

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Cylinder Size Chart

It’s our goal to make sure you select the right cylinder for your gas needs. Below is a size chart that will help you choose the best option:


Helium Balloon Chart

Use the chart below to estimate how much helium gas is required to fill a latex or Mylar Foil balloon:

Acetylene Chart

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