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Nitrogen is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that makes up nearly 80% of the atmosphere. OSC offers bulk or microbulk nitrogen in sizes ranging from 450 liters to 13,000 gallons. Our supply systems give our customers an uninterrupted supply of gas to meet their business needs.

An Industry-Leading Supplier of Gas for Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen purging is an industrial process in which nitrogen gas removes unwanted gases and impurities from a manufacturing system. Nitrogen displaces oxygen and other gases because it’s an inert gas that doesn’t chemically react with substrates. Some of the most common uses of nitrogen purging include:

  • Nitrogen blanketing for ships and tankers
  • Food packaging
  • Toxic gas removal
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Nitrogen Purging Techniques


Displacement is a simple process that uses a cleaning component known as a pig and pushes it through equipment with pressurized nitrogen gas. The pig passes through the pipe channel and removes impurities from the system. This technique is ideal for pipelines that feature simple cross-sections.


Dilution is a process that combines nitrogen gas with the gas that’s being eliminated. The mixture is removed through an outlet that sits far from the gas inlet. This method is effective for both simple and complex piping systems.

Pressure Liquid Transfer

Nitrogen gas equally pressurizes the headspace to drive fluid motion and purge the system. Pressure liquid transfer significantly reduces the risk of oxidation that comes with liquid transfer between two storage tanks. This technique is ideal for systems with space constraints.

Pressure-Hold Vacuum

The pressure-hold vacuum method is ideal for single-vent systems. Nitrogen pressurizes the pipeline, dilutes the contents, and vents out the unwanted gas. This process is repeated until the system is adequately purged.

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Other Industrial Applications of Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen has other applications across various industries, including:

  • Welding

    Nitrogen increases weld penetration and arc stability in welding. Gas combinations that contain nitrogen increase the mechanical properties of alloys and prevent corrosion. Welders also use nitrogen for laser cutting and plasma cutting processes.

  • Metal Production

    Nitrogen is a key element in the annealing process of metalworking. It neutralizes the environment and prevents oxidation in furnaces.

  • Food and Beverage

    Nitrogen gas is widely used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This process changes the atmosphere of the packaging by replacing oxygen with nitrogen. MAP prevents food and beverage products from becoming stale or spoiled while in transit.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Nitrogen maintains the sterility and cleanliness of various pharmaceutical products. By reducing the presence of oxygen, nitrogen ensures product quality during packaging and delivery.

  • Metal Production

    Nitrogen is a key element in the annealing process of metalworking. It neutralizes the environment and prevents oxidation in furnaces.

OSC’s Bulk Nitrogen Cylinder Delivery

At OSC, we understand that running out of nitrogen gas leads to business disruptions. That’s why we offer a fleet of vehicles capable of delivering nitrogen cylinders right to your business’s doorstep. As an industry-leading nitrogen gas supplier, we eliminate nitrogen cylinder handling, product run-outs, inventory management issues, delivery problems, and workplace interruptions.

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