Propane Industrial Gas

Chemists know it by its molecular formula, C3H8, but you might know it as the gas that fuels your grill – or the one that keeps your business running.

Propane is an indispensable industrial gas for the modern world, which is why we work tirelessly to provide it to our customers.

Propane Industrial Gas

Propane is one of the most commonly used and important industrial gases available. It’s a colorless, flammable type of gas that has a distinctive odor. It’s highly cost-effective and clean-burning as a fuel source, and it can be easily contained and transported. It’s also sometimes referred to as “liquefied petroleum gas” (LPG) or propane Autogas.
Originally discovered in 1857, propane became commercially available in the United States by 1911. Proponents loved the lower volumetric energy density, the clean-burning nature of the fuel, and the easy portability of the fuel.

Propane Uses

Some of the most common uses of propane as an industrial gas include:


Propane is largely considered a clean and reliable source of energy, making it ideal for powering manufacturing facilities. It can be used in things like generators, vehicles, and certain types of manufacturing equipment; on top of that, propane can be used as a raw material in the manufacturing of certain types of plastic. Though most people know propane gas as a combustible material, it can also be used as a refrigerant, making it useful in refrigerator manufacturing.


Another advantage of propane is that it burns at a high temperature (nearly 1980 degrees C). This allows it to functionally melt and process many types of metal, including aluminum, brass, gold, and bronze. It’s widely used in different types of furnaces.


Forklifts can operate using many different types of fuel, but propane is one of the most common, thanks to its clean-burning nature and ready availability. It’s one of the most reliable gases for forklift operation, so it’s found in most warehouses around the country. It’s also highly useful in powering space heaters, improving its warehouse functionality even further.

Powering farm equipment

Farmers in the agricultural industry rely on propane for a variety of tasks, including flame weeding and powering irrigation pumps. In fact, many types of farm equipment are run on propane. One of the most common propane applications in the farming industry is crop drying, giving farmers the efficient ability to dry hay, corn, soybeans, and other crops.

Printing press applications

You may not associate the printing industry with propane, but this gas is highly valuable for printing press operators. When printing on a large scale, it’s important to dry the ink as quickly as possible after printing, and hot propane gas is one of the best ways to do it. It can be used to dry ink on materials like plastic, cellophane, and aluminum foil. Propane gas can also be used as a way to burn off printing rolls.

Other propane uses include:

Home and water heating. You may be familiar with propane for its residential applications. Propane is widely used as a form of home heating and water heating.

Cooking food. In small containers, propane can be transported and used for cooking food.

Drying clothes. People also love using propane for drying their clothes in certain applications.

Propane Advantages

Why is propane so heavily used in industry? What are the advantages of propane that set it apart from other fuels? These are some of the top propane advantages:


Propane is highly efficient, offering more fueling power per gallon and per dollar than other types of fuel (such as gasoline or natural gas). This makes propane highly affordable.


People also love propane because of how versatile it is. It has dozens of different industrial applications and can be used in residential environments as well.

Natural abundance

Unlike most fossil fuels, propane comes in natural abundance. We have plenty of propane available for us to use, and there’s no real danger of running out in the future.

Easy storage and delivery

Another advantage of propane is its conduciveness to being stored, transported, and used. Propane tanks can last for up to 40 years – and if stored properly, the propane can continue serving you throughout that time.

Low demand for maintenance

You don’t need to invest much into propane or propane tank maintenance. It’s almost maintenance-free!

Environmental friendliness

Propane is environmentally friendly, and for multiple reasons. First, it’s clean burning, so it produces fewer emissions than comparable types of fuel. This liquid is also insoluble in water, making it impossible for it to contaminate your water or soil. In the rare event that your propane leaks, it usually dissipates into the atmosphere quickly, posing minimal threat to the environment.

Health and safety

Propane is considered to be the safest way to provide heat, and is largely considered one of the safest fuels available. Of course, there are dangers present with any industrial gas, so it’s important to take the proper precautions. But with those precautions in place, propane is highly safe and reliable.

American production

We also produce and distribute propane plentifully within the United States, so we aren’t dependent on the economics or politics of other countries – and we can support jobs domestically by using it.

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