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Comprehensive Solutions for the Welding Automation Industry

Automation is a crucial part of modern welding operations. Upgrade your operation by sourcing advanced cobots and automated welding solutions from Oxygen Service Company.

Outfit Your Robotic Welding Operation

Technology is everything in welding automation. Not only do you need cutting-edge solutions that improve your efficiency, but you need to make sure they will last long into the future. After all, advanced technology isn’t worth much if it breaks down after a few months.

For advanced welding automation solutions that are built to stand the test of time, turn to Oxygen Service Company. We offer an unbeatable line of robotic welding machines, automated material handling robots, cutting machines, robotic positioning systems, and more. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your facility or outfit a brand-new one, we can help you get the equipment you need to develop a smooth, profit-generating operation.

The Benefits of Automated Welding Systems

There’s no shortage of benefits that come with Oxygen Service’s technology. Our cutting-edge robotic welding solutions offer:

Improved Weld Quality: Automated welding machines achieve a level of quality and consistency that can’t be matched by a manual welding team. This increased precision means you’re getting the same superior results every time, standardizing and increasing your product’s quality control.

Increased Throughput: Automated welding solutions are efficient. Unlike traditional human welders, automated machinery doesn’t vary its output or productivity on a day-to-day basis.

Minimized Scrap: Robotic welding solutions are designed to minimize the amount of resources you have to invest in each project. Welding automation also results in much fewer defects and scrap. As long as the machinery is overseen by a capable manager, automated welding solutions aren’t prone to error like human welders are.

Decreased Labor Costs: Welding automation greatly cuts down on the amount of human capital required in your welding operation. Instead of having to deal with the variable labor costs involved with managing dozens of welders, you’ll be able to cut down your human capital needs to a few cobot and automated welding operators.

Overall, automated welding systems result in a higher volume of a higher-quality product that’s produced for less money and with less waste.

OSC Has All of Your Welding Needs Covered

Oxygen Service Company is your full-service welding supplier. While we’re happy to provide modern robotic welding solutions, we can help your facility address a full range of welding needs. Oxygen Service Company has been meeting the Midwest’s industrial needs since 1959. We can help you:

Source High-Quality Gas and Supplies

Every welding operation needs gas and supplies. Make sure you’re getting high-quality gases by working with us! We can help you source a huge range of industrial and welding gases, including:

  • Argon

    Whether you need argon for its welding process shielding capabilities or for specialized applications, we’re your next source.

  • Acetylene

    Acetylene is the go-to welding gas, and pure acetylene is safe acetylene. Get a product you can rely on by partnering with OSC.

  • Carbon Dioxide

    Carbon dioxide has dozens of applications across industries. Need carbon dioxide for your industrial processes? Look no further than OSC.

  • Helium

    From cryogenics and shielding to pressurizing and purging, helium has limitless applications. Make sure your next batch of helium is purer and more cost-effective than ever before.

  • Hydrogen

    Low-quality hydrogen can lead to complications in ammonia production, methanol production, or other facility needs. Call OSC for pure hydrogen gas today.

  • Propylene

    Interested in maximizing your cut speeds? Propylene gas may be ideal for your operation. Our pure propylene gas is perfect for applications like heating, stress relieving, flame hardening, flame cutting, soldering, brazing, and more.

  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen is one of the most commonly used gases in the world today. Regardless of what applications you need it for, make sure you get the right nitrogen with us.

Acquire Cost-Effective Dry Ice

In addition to gas, we’re happy to fulfill any of your dry ice needs. Dry ice blasting solutions are an increasingly popular alternative to automated welding machine cleaning. Blasting is one of the best ways to make sure your machines stay clean and polished for years to come! With our services, you get faster, more thorough cleaning that keeps your equipment in great shape. Make your welding operation spotless by contacting us today.

Source the Equipment You Need Today

Whether you need assistance with welding automation solutions or are just looking to resupply your gas, we’re here to help. Contact OSC to take the first step toward transforming your facility.

Why Work With Us?

Decades of Experience

Oxygen Service Company was established in 1959. With a combined 858 years of experience, we’ve seen it all and know exactly how to address your needs. From industrial gases and dry ice to welding services and automation, we’ve always been on the cutting edge of the Midwest’s gas solutions. When you combine this experience with our commitment to quality, we’re sure to find you a satisfactory solution.

Our five core values ground everything we do and ensure your satisfaction:

  • Getting Things Done
  • Professional and Respectful Behaviors
  • Customer-Focused Mindsets
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Doing the Right Thing

Contact us today to see these values in action yourself.

Great place to get any welding supply and gas services. Been here only a handful of times over 7 years and the staff are always friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

– Mong L., Company

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