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OSC is focused on serving its customers and employee owners. Being 100% employee owned, our employees are devoted to ensuring customers get the best service when doing business with our organization. We value relationships and act as a partner in providing the best solution for their business needs.

As an organization we are committed to following the below core values in our actions and conversations with fellow employees, customers, vendors, and visitors.

  • Get Stuff Done (G.S.D)
  • Customer Focused
  • Positive Attitude
  • Does the Right Thing
  • Professional & Respectful

Our core value recognition program drives these values into the culture and recognizes employees who exemplify these on a quarterly and annual basis. When we say that OSC is committed to following our core values, we really mean it!

Keeping and maintaining the employee-ownership culture is a top priority for OSC. Since 2003, we have had an ESOP committee whose mission is to educate, promote and encourage the employee ownership culture throughout the organization. Their work to support the committee’s mission falls into four key areas (Political, Educational, Community, and Social).

  • Political events support the benefits of ESOPs, promotion of ESOPs, and sharing the OSC ESOP journey.
  • Education events, also known as OSC Universities, educate employees on various topics consisting of the ESOP, our business practices, and other areas of interest.
  • Community events encourage our employees to give back to the local community through their efforts, time and/or financial resources.
  • Social events promote the value of our deeply imbedded employee-owned culture and family feel through employees and their families gathering from across all our locations.

Click here to read what employees have to say about our culture.

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