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Oxygen Service Company offers a complete line of industrial compressed gases, cryogenic liquid Dewars, and bulk delivery systems. We are an employee-owned company, with locations in St. Paul and Sauk Rapids, serving Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Eastern North and South Dakota. Our highly trained team of specialists can provide you with the guidance, support, and training to ensure you have the right product, when you need it. As an independent gas distributor, we can offer the highest level of service to all of our customers.

We can supply your gas needs from small portable cylinders, liquid Dewars, or large bulk supply systems specifically designed and sized for your on-site location. Our package gases are filled to ensure the highest quality of gas, then tested at our state of the art quality assurance and specialty gas laboratory. We also have the ability to provide you with the technical support for standard and specialty welding applications. Regardless of your welding needs or industrial applications, Oxygen Service Company can supply quality gas, superior service, safety training and educational seminars.

Specialist's in Gases At Oxygen Service Company, we can supply you with a wide variety of gases in various forms, mixtures, cylinders, and gas storage systems. These include Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Acetylene, and Chemolene. In addition to these pure gases, we can also provide mixed gases custom blended in our Specialty Gas Laboratory. Download our Oxygen Service Company Gas Catalog for more details.

Our ability to mix and analyze many multi-component high purity mixtures in-house can save you lead-time and freight costs. We can provide you with Ultra High Purity Gases, Laser Gases, EPA Protocol Gases and even the little Scotties or disposable cylinders needed for your testing and monitoring equipment. We also can provide you with many rare or specialty mixes needed for the petrochemical, environmental and research fields.

We offer many of the services you may need, like Nitrogen Purge and Pressurization for Pipelines and other Vessels. For portable on-site gas distribution systems or custom manifold and piping systems, let our experts find the right solution for you. Download our "One Call Gets All" Specialty Gases and Equipment Products brochure for more details.

Do you know where your cylinders are? Oxygen Service Company is currently the only welding gas distributor in the area offering a 100% bar code cylinder tracking system. We can find those missing cylinders for you, or just provide you with cylinder traceability. With this system, we've increased our quality control, provided customers with long-term cylinder history records, and reduced the number of lost cylinders. Since this program began we have numerous examples of bar code success where we have recovered lost or missing cylinders for our customers. Let one of Cylinder Specialists explain our program to you or download our OSC Cylinder Tracking brochure for more details.

For a tour of our facility or questions regarding gases please contact us.