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Oxygen Service Company is a specialist in welding automation. Whether it's Robotics, Fixed Automation, Custom Fixturing or simple Plug and Play Systems, we have the technical expertise you can depend on for all your projects. When weld or cut quality is important, let our team members help you. We can improve your weld quality, cut your production costs, and help eliminate costly downtime. Let our specialists help you engineer a system custom tailored to your needs.

Robotics Welding is one of Oxygen Service Company's specialties. With names like ABB and Fanuc, we bring you robotics that fit your every welding, cutting, or metal joining need. If you weld or cut materials like mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, we've got the system to meet your requirements at an investment you can afford. Besides welding robotics, we offer pick & place robots, painting robots, machine tending robots, spot welding robots, and many other robotics applications. Our technical staff can provide you with the engineering, technical support, training, and service for all your robotics and automation needs. Complete welding cells are our specialty. We can improve your production cycles and overall weld quality and limit your downtime while cutting costs. Even if you have existing robots, we may be able to improve your processes or make recommendations that will enhance your overall production time. Just give us a call or e-mail today.

Cutting machines are another specialty at Oxygen Service Company. We sell, service, and provide technical support for almost any type of cutting machine application. Let us help you design a system than will fit your needs, with equipment from industry leaders like C&G Cutting Systems, Koike Aronson, ESAB, and many others. Whether you need a new system, an upgrade to your present system, or quality service and technical support, just call Oxygen Service Company. Remember, "SERVICE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME."

We can also help you if you if you need fixed automation for high production M.I.G. Welding, T.I.G. Welding, Plasma Welding and Cutting or Oxy/Fuel Cutting and Welding. We represent name brands like Jetline, Pandjiris, Koike Aronson, Ransome, Bug-O Systems, Gullco and many more fine companies. We handle all types of welding positioners, weld seamers, orbital tube and pipe welding and cutting systems specially tailored for your specific application. We design and sell fixturing to enhance any application you may need.