Explaining Changes in the Technology of Welding

welding operator reviewing welding robotic arm performance on a screen

General Motors introduced the first industrial robot cell design for spot welding in 1962. Welding equipment was originally designed to improve employee safety during the automotive welding process—but by 1980, welding technology began gaining popularity in other industries. Oxygen Service Company explains changes in welding technology.

New Welding Techniques That Changed the Industry

Welding has changed the process of joining metals, but new welding techniques consistently rise to the surface, making the welding process simpler for entry-level and seasoned operators alike:

New Processes

Arc welding is the preferred welding method for joining heavy plates. Still, new and innovative welding processes like narrow gap welding, high heat input, and laser welding prove to be more efficient processes for accomplishing the same task.

New Materials

Stainless steel remains the king of materials in the welding industry, but operators turn to thin-gauge, high-strength alloys to improve fuel costs and environmental impact. Using lightweight materials like high-tensile steel led to innovations in laser welding and brazing, improving efficiency and quality.

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New Machines

Since their conception in 1962, robotic welding machines have paved the way for industry efficiency and quality welds. Some of the most prominent manufacturers in the industry design and produce robotic welding machines, creating new models and adding new features consistently. If you need a machine to swiftly join materials like mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, automated robotic welding solutions are a cost-effective way to get the job done.

The Latest Trends in Welding Technology

Since welding is an evolving industry where new processes are created constantly, let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in welding technology:

Laser Welding Improvements

As we mentioned before, laser welding is one of the newest processes in the industry. It uses high-powered laser light to melt metals and weld them together instantly. Some laser welding machines used in lab settings generate power exceeding 100 kilowatts, which can weld together 50 millimeters of steel in a single pass.

While laser welding is a new process with significant benefits for industries like car manufacturing, improvements are still being developed for using it in industries where welding thick, dense metals is common.

Robotic and Automated Welding Enhancements

While robotic and automated welding machines aren’t new to the industry, enhancements continue to develop regularly. Welding automation systems are one of the top industrial robotic applications. They make up 50% of the world’s automated robots because they are a modern, cost-effective way to increase productivity. With a growth rate of 8.91%, robotic and automated welding machines are expected to become more prominent by 2023.

Advanced Personal Protective Equipment

Over the past few years, industry experts uncovered information about the health hazards welding operators face when they breathe in harmful levels of welding gases and fumes.

An International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) report categorized UV radiation from welding and welding fumes as “Group 1 Carcinogens,” meaning they can cause cancer in humans.

Manufacturing companies specializing in personal protective equipment (PPE) for the welding industry are taking steps to create more advanced protective gear that filters out harmful welding fumes and particles.

Offering advanced PPE like filters and positive pressure respirators allows welding supply companies to provide operators with supplies that help welders avoid common carcinogens and safety issues, making them safe on the job for years to come.

Providing You With Advanced Welding Technology and Supplies

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